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3 Homemade and Natural Recipes to Keep Your Skin Young

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3 Homemade and Natural Recipes to Keep Your Skin Young
Having a more beautiful skin, young and healthy is one of the main searches of people since the earliest times, among the most varied peoples. And these days, it’s no different.

We still want to achieve perfect skin, so various treatments and creams have been created and are available in the market, often for a very salty price.

But did you know that there are homemade and natural recipes to keep your skin young and radiant?

Here are some of the best homemade recipes that will help you take care of your skin and achieve that much-desired youthful look, check it out below.

1. Homemade recipe using green tea
The famous green tea, much consumed in Eastern countries, has been known to be a drink with several properties that help us to have a better health.

Among these qualities, we can highlight the fact that it helps fight against aging, which makes it a good helper to keep our skin young.

To make this recipe you will use:

• Conventional green tea bag, sold in most supermarkets.

• 2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil.

How to make and apply:
The execution is very simple, just boil a little bit of water, the amount that it is enough for you to deposit in your face.

After boiling, pour the water into a cup or mug with the tea bag and leave it soaked in water for a few minutes.

Wash your face thoroughly and when the tea cools down, pick up the green tea bag and gently apply it to the face and neck, being careful not to tear the bag.

When you finish, reserve the sachet and mix the extra virgin olive oil with the remaining leftover tea in the glass.

With this mix, massage the skin, pressing with the fingertips towards the hair several times. After finishing the massage, wash the face thoroughly to remove the olive oil.

Make this homemade and natural recipe once a week and you will see how your skin will be rejuvenated.

2. Homemade recipe using rice flour
There is even a legend that the geisha used this recipe to keep the skin young and silky. Helps to make a good homemade exfoliation, combating oiliness, acne and even helping to eliminate stains on the face.

For this recipe you will use:

• 2 to 3 tablespoons of rice flour.

• 2 tablespoons whole milk

How to make and apply:

In a bowl, combine the rice flour and the milk until a consistency of porridge is obtained.

Apply the mixture directly to the skin, which should be properly cleaned.

You can use a base brush to apply this blend on your face.

Avoid the eye region.

Let the mixture dry on the skin for approximately 20 minutes.

After that time, wash your face with soap, making circular movements.

Your skin will stay young and beautiful if you repeat this process every 15 days or at least once a month.

3. Homemade recipe using egg white
The egg is one of the ingredients that always appear in the homemade and natural recipes for the most diverse purposes.

In this recipe you will use only the clear.

This homemade recipe provides a botox effect on the skin.

For this recipe you will use:

• The white of an egg (If the egg is too small, you can use 2 egg whites).

• 2 teaspoons of corn starch.

• One drop of extra virgin olive oil.

How to make and apply:

Beat the white until white (but do not need to reach the snow point), add the cornstarch and mix well until all the starch dissolves.

Then add the drop of extra virgin olive oil and mix again.

With a clean face, apply the mixture throughout the skin and let it act for 15 minutes.

After this period, thoroughly wash the face with soap and thoroughly remove the mixture.

It is indicated to make this recipe at least once a week, to obtain a better result.

Always remember that in order to maintain youthful skin, it is necessary to do the procedures without major breaks.

If you dedicate at least one day of the week to make any of these three homemade prescriptions and do not forget to moisturize the skin daily, you will certainly have beautiful skin and will avoid the dreaded wrinkles.

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