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3 homemade recipes to reduce swelling in the eyes

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3 homemade recipes to reduce swelling in the eyes
Some things really bother you when someone looks in the mirror. And the eyes are at the top of the list. Waking up and having puffy eyes is discouraging. If it is not an eye disease, some homemade secrets can help decrease swelling and improve mood.

1. Metal Spoons

There are some ways to improve the appearance of the eyes simply and quickly. Put spoons of metal in the refrigerator and when it is cold, apply to the eyes. When it warms, another spoon may replace.

2. Chamomile tea

Wetting the tea bag and putting it for a while in the freezer to then apply to the eyes is great. After lying down, put the cold packets in the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

3. Potato slices

Cutting two slices that are the right size of the ocular cavity and applying to the eyes directly on the affected area will cause the astringent action of the potato to help reduce swelling. Staying lying down for 15 to 20 minutes with them is enough.

If the reason for the swelling is blepharitis, conjunctivitis or other eye diseases, a specialist should be consulted.

The eye region usually swells when excessive crying, hangover, or just waking up in the morning occurs. Fluid retention can have several reasons, but it is usually an inflammatory process.

To maintain the health of the eyes it is important to follow some rules:

Maintain hydration

Especially on days when the eyes are very swollen, drinking water will gradually decrease the nuisance throughout the day.

Avoid foods with too much salt

Industrialized products usually have more salt than prepared at home. Avoiding adding salt to ready-to-eat food is also important.

Sleep properly
Having good nighttime habits helps prevent unpleasant swellings. Read here what can disrupt sleep.

Caring for the sleeping place
Several hours are spent in bed. Replacing the pillow periodically is recommended. Bedding needs to be changed at least once a week.

Avoid drinking too much coffee

And other stimulant products. By avoiding stimuli the body gets more balanced.

Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages

Because they are dehydrating, fluid retention in the body can cause this and other disorders.

Avoid fried foods and fatty foods

It is not because the product is roasted it will not bring harmful effects. Watching for the amount of fats in the pack is a habit that should be permanent.

Caring for psychological health

Being good about yourself is critical to your health and appearance.

Do not share pillow cases, towels and makeup

Practice physical exercises

They are always recommended for good physical and mental health and to improve appearance.

Treat allergies
They compromise the eyes normally. A specialist should be consulted if this is the case.

Care with the body in general favors beauty and avoids unpleasant situations. The look in the mirror can be much more satisfying when acquiring good habits from an early age.

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