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3 important things women want from men revealed

by Abbey Lily
8 things every woman must do in year 2018.dailyfamily.ng

So many people think women are hard to please and don’t even know what they want. Some schools of thought even think there is no way you can please a woman because they see women as too demanding or too difficult to please.

In this article, 3 important things women want from men are being revealed and if any man can do these three, peace at home and from the woman is guaranteed.


  1. Acceptance

Every woman, no matter her skin complexion, height, stature, academic qualification but to mention a few, wants to be accepted for who they are without any judgmental comment. If you have a lady that does not possess your required features, never spell it out to her face. If she dresses up and asks you if she looks good, just tell her she looks stunning. The truth is most women are not waiting to hear the truth but your compliment. If you don’t like that particular outfit, look for another day on a neutral ground to make your comment. Women love acceptance, it makes them feel secured, appreciated and wanted. Your great comment alone can make her day and she can ponder over that for the whole day.


  1. Loyalty

There is no woman that loves to share her man with another lady. All she craves for is your utmost loyalty to her alone. She wants you to be faithful so that she can take your word for it. She is not ready to have any reason to doubt you

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  1. Love

Above all, she needs your true love. Not only in action but in words. You express love by saying the words out loud and clear. ‘I LOVE YOU.’ She can never be tired of hearing it. So, say it as often as possible.

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