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3 Important Things You Need To Know Fake Friends

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3 Important Things You Need To Know Fake Friends
Not everyone who calls himself friend is a real friend, there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing for this world. Sometimes, when you least expect it, one of the ones you think is a friend can come a long way, those you would never have imagined would ever happen.

When we are involved in a friendship and like the person, we hardly notice some signs that may indicate that that friendship is not true and that behind all that sympathy there is the desire to pull the rug as soon as possible.

There are many reasons why this can happen, from your physical beauty to being envious of the other person, your way of expressing yourself, communicating, your way of dealing with difficult situations, your willingness to be like you, to take your place. In fact, envy is the main feeling that causes this desire to want to pull the rug out of the other, and it is a pretty bad feeling.

Being subtle, you will never imagine that some actions of your “friend” are related to the desire to pull your rug, but according to experts here are some ways that this happens:

1. Excessive praise
True friends who really like to exchange praises, this is a fact, but there are also those people who make a point of praising too much, all the time, all the time, especially in front of other people, to get closer to you and gain your trust, In order to create so much intimacy that one day you take your place.

2. Many criticisms
There are also those other people who can not see their brilliance, their success they soon find a way to put it down, using false friendship for this. If you’re too pretty it gives you a way to criticize it so you feel bad and even change clothes, for example. If you know other interesting friends you criticize them in front of you, but manage to keep in touch to become friends before you do.

3. Insists on drawing attention
You do a lot of interesting things together that day, but when you are going to tell someone about your day to someone else, it counts as if everything is done exclusively by her, does not even mention her name, or does it just appear as a Belittling.

It’s the kind of person who forgets about your friendship when you are around other people, you only serve in times when there is no other interesting person available.

Do you know people like that? In this case, it is good to be careful. A sincere conversation about the characteristics of your friendship that need to be improved is a good way out, if you think it is worthwhile, otherwise keep only those people who are valuable to you and who give you the same value.

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