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3 INIMAGINABLE facts that can worsen the terrible pain of childbirth

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3 INIMAGINABLE facts that can worsen the terrible pain of childbirth
Scientists have found that normal labor pain can be compared to 20 body bones being broken at the same time, they also said, that intense pain can reach up to 45 percent. (Unit of measure), however, at the time of delivery mothers can feel up to 57. of pain!

Yes, to be a mother is to be a warrior from the beginning of this phase of life!

Of course, this extreme pain, and the experience of pregnancy and childbirth, is very different between each mother, that is, each woman has a unique and exclusive way of experiencing her gestation, as well as her delivery.

However, some recent studies News that are not IMAGINATED by mothers who can further aggravate the pain of childbirth, check out:

1. The presence of the partner (when the couple is emotionally distant)
A research published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience states that the presence of the father or partner at the time of birth may aggravate the pain and discomfort for some women.

The women who participated in the research answered a questionnaire that assessed their personality, and those women who have the most independent personality, distant emotionally from their partner, felt more discomfort with the presence at the time of delivery.

2. Extreme headache or migraine
Doctors say that a strong headache such as migraine can cause more intense discomfort than the pain of taking a shot for example, so a woman suffering from migraine or extreme headaches can feel the symptoms at the time of childbirth Stronger, because by making forces for the baby to be born, the head will start to hurt and aggravate the symptoms of childbirth.

3. Manicures in the belly and exaggerated touch exams
Some medical procedures that seem to be normal at the time of delivery can aggravate the pain that the woman has already felt, and even endanger the baby’s life.

A professor in the department of maternal health, warns moms not to allow the famous and still-used Kristeller maneuver, which is to push the woman’s belly during labor, as the method can cause pressure Greater than necessary, and may even reduce the baby’s oxygen.

The doctor also warns about the excessive touch tests that are done on women ready to give birth, stating that besides being unnecessary, they aggravate the labor pains very much.

All women know that they will suffer intense pain at birth, and are willing and well prepared for these pains, which no one needs to go through are cases of obstetric violence, carelessness, exaggeration, and other forms of aggression that harm not only the Women, but babies. Let’s be aware and report these practices in hospitals.

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