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3 Positive And Negative Traits In A Man

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3 Positive And Negative Traits In A Man
The character of a man can be measured in the way he decides to act in the face of simple everyday situations. The way he treats his family, friends and the way he treats his partner’s family in dating will tell a lot about his character.

Even if he strives to look good, if it’s pretense, at one time or another he will miss out on traits of his personality. With a little more time, you can see these traits of your true character. However, it is only up to the girlfriend to observe this in the courtship so that she does not have to worry about marriage.

What are some three positive traits you need to notice in him?
1. Integrity
Integrity is a rare quality in the present day, so an honest man deserves to be found, valued and loved. The righteous man will be loyal to his partner, will always do his best so that his beloved progresses and develops his potential, that is, he will make her an exceptional woman.

2. Commitment
One of the essential virtues in a man is commitment, for a committed partner is responsible and caring for the well-being of his family. Never leave your home or allow your family to pay for your mistakes.

3. Companionship
A companion is the one who supports you and stays by your side when the “world is falling on you”, and even if you weaken, there will be him to strengthen you. He will never let you give up and will also offer you love, even on bad days, when you fail and find yourself unworthy of that love, yet his love for you will prevail.

On the other hand, there are also some negative traits that when she sees, she should be careful of. They includes:

1. Violent

Some people, out of fear of loneliness and because they are needy, end up in self-destructive relationships, undergo a life of physical and verbal abuse. Unfortunately, these women lose their value, shine, and self-esteem, and believe there is no more happiness for them.

2. Domination
Engaging in a relationship where you are dominated will only make you unhappy and submissive to the selfish whims of the domineering man, who is always aiming to satisfy himself, diminish and massacre his partner. Generally, this type of man takes pleasure in acting in this way. So choose to expect to find a man who respects you and makes you happy than living in a sick relationship.

3. Pride
A proud man is always ungrateful, stingy and selfish. He tends to destroy everything around you and even though he has true feelings for you, your pride will stand out from the love he feels, so he will do everything to make you feel as unhappy as he is.

From the above, you can either decide to make the relationship continue or end. Just be careful of what you want for yourself. Just aim for the best, and never settle for less.

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