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3 Powerful steps to understand and practice more self-esteem

by Family Center

3 Powerful steps to understand and practice more self-esteem
Imagine how you would feel if you could be less critical of yourself. If you could forgive yourself for past mistakes and move on. Of course, you would feel much freer to follow new projects, enjoy life and be happy, would not you?

This is the idea of ​self-love: to understand that you have an immeasurable value, regardless of your faults. It is it that allows you to remain secure about who you really are in the midst of the most turbulent times.

Practicing self-esteem reduces levels of anxiety and depression and even helps us adopt healthier lifestyles – after all, it is part of self-care. Learn how you can strengthen your feelings about yourself:

1. Be your best friend
Often, we are more understanding and kind to others than we are to ourselves. To have self-esteem is to strive to understand and accept your faults with the same compassion and affection dedicated to your best friend.3-powerful-steps-to-understand-and-practice-more-self-esteem-dailyfamily.ng

You are human, so you will make wrong decisions sometimes. Do not cover yourself so much and do not be such a ruthless judge of yourself.

2. Learn to recognize moments of emotional stress
Pay attention to what goes on inside you. When you realize that you are beginning to become anxious or have negative thoughts about yourself, recognize that you are going through a difficult time or that your head is confused. Do not get carried away by these thoughts, for they do not correspond to reality.3-powerful-steps-to-understand-and-practice-more-self-esteem-dailyfamily.ng

3. Turn negative experiences into learning
You have made the wrong decision, acted without thinking or hurt someone you love – and that is why you are feeling very, very bad. If there is nothing else you can do to fix this situation, one way of practicing self-love is to imagine that it happened many years ago and to analyze its context at that time.

Were you nervous for other reasons? Did you have all the knowledge you needed to act differently? Seek to understand why you have acted in such a way and turn this unsuccessful experience into great learning.

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