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3 Powerful Ways To Kiss Him So That He Will Never Forget You

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3 Powerful Ways To Kiss Him So That He Will Never Forget You-dailyfamily.ng

3 Powerful Ways To Kiss Him So That He Will Never Forget You
Kissing is a demonstration of love, attraction, and surrender to a person, it is an intimate action that unites the couple, where they experience magical moments that strengthen the relationship. It is the ideal way to convey emotions and feelings. Sometimes kisses even alienate a person or make them mad with love.

In many cultures kisses are demonstrations of love, friendship, trust, peace, respect or a simple greeting, just rub the nose of the couple to kiss in the form of an Eskimo. Did you know that the meaning of kissing is different in different parts of the world?

There are many ways to kiss and each transmits different messages. So be aware that when kissing your partner, you have the assurance that he will not be able to forget you.

1. The kiss with a hug
It may be a kiss on the cheek, forehead, seals or passionate, no matter what kind of kiss, but remember to hug your partner strongly and intensely. This way you can convey your feelings and emotions. Any occasion is perfect, do it morning, afternoon, evening or anytime.


2. Selinho
It is the most practical way to demonstrate to your partner that he is special, without provoking passionate feelings, usually lasts a few seconds, however, they are extremely important in keeping the relationship strengthened.

Sometimes it may seem that this kiss is a routine in marriage, however, it conveys feelings of unity, sweetness, and security. Get into the habit of kissing him intensely, that your lips really enjoy the contact with your partner’s. This is a way of telling him that you love him, without words.

3. Kiss on the cheek
Remember that the correct way to convey a real sense of complicity, support, friendship, the attraction is when you place your lips perfectly on the cheek of your partner. Do not make the mistake of kissing the air, because then you will not be transmitting affection.

Normally, they are the most affectionate kisses that are expressed in public, to demonstrate a bond of companionship, closeness, affection, and respect.

If you do, surely your partner will remember not only your kisses but also your aroma and essence.

All kisses leave pleasant experiences in the mind of any person, remember to take the time that is necessary, to kiss with intensity and, above all, with love. This way you will be able to demonstrate to your partner your feelings, strengthening your relationship.

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