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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat

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3 Reasons Why You Should Not Cheat
The sweetest feelings in life, the most generous and satisfying impulses of the human heart are expressed in a marriage that remains pure and undefiled above the wickedness of the world.

Here are 3 reasons why you do not want to be the other:

1. You do not want to destroy a home
Marriage is sacred, the children are fruits of this covenant made between husband and wife, so engaging with a married man is bringing chaos into the lives of his family and his as well.

Hurt the feelings of a wife and children, forcing them to pay for this evil is the worst act of cowardice for both husband and lover.

True happiness exists and can only be found in the family, but when a person is subjected to living an obscure relationship in which she becomes the “other,” causing the destruction of a home, then this woman, He will never have true love, peace and joy with this man, because neither he nor they are worthy of happiness.

2. Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.
Exactly! What we do not want for our lives, we should not cultivate in anyone’s life, that is, if you wish to have a healthy marriage one day, then why take the “disease” called adultery into the life of another person, destroying the dreams Of a wife and killing the hope of the children.

As difficult as it is to be alone, to face loneliness and lack or even to tread “thorny roads”, even so, the journey will be worth it.

Walking headfirst without having erased anyone’s light, and without stealing someone’s family is for the strong and valiant.

Remember that for those who choose to do right, there will always be light and help no matter what the challenge.

3. You do not want to live from shame
Our choices echo in eternity, but also, reflect in this life, especially in the people around us and in the ones we love the most.

People are attracted to others. Sometimes you look and there appears a person who draws your attention to him by his charisma and others by the beauty, but, it is necessary to be cautious, because to look and to find charismatic or beautiful it is natural.

However, to desire and to feed improper thoughts, especially by a man Married, can destroy what is best in you, your character and your virtue.

How do you see yourself in the mirror? Can you sleep in peace? These are questions that you will have to answer for yourself. If the answer is “yes”, congratulations! However, if the answer is no, stop and change your attitudes while you still have time.

Do not forget! Passions, beauty, earthly riches and gifts end up with time. You are worth more than that, you just need to remember that. It is also important to point out that you will leave all this when you start from this life, however, the consequences of your choices, and who you have become will accompany you not only in old age but also in eternity. Think carefully!

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