3 secrets that every woman should NEVER confess to her husband
You will never be close to someone in your life than to your spouse, but that does not mean that you should tell him absolutely everything. There are some things that it is best to keep secret – for his sake, for your sake and for the sake of your marriage.

It is important, to be honest with your loved one, but when you are faced with the dilemma of telling him your secrets, avoid letting go of this three information:

1. Your True Feelings About Ex-Boyfriends
Of course, tell him the basic details, how many boyfriends you had, their names, how long you dated, etc. But avoid getting into the “adorable details”. For example, do not say things like “Our relationship was so exciting and wonderful!” or “He was kissing incredibly well!”.

Why not?
For many reasons. First, the green little monster of jealousy will definitely go into the field and, contrary to what some people say, this feeling does not bring benefits to marriage. And perhaps most importantly, you could embarrass your husband and even hurt his feelings. Now that you have found your great love, your past relationships should remain where you are in the past.

2. You noticed that he gained extra pounds
For many couples, the jokes about getting fat after marriage are part of the new reality. But even if he’s using one or two more numbers, there’s no need to tell him you’d like him to lose weight.

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Why not?
Women sometimes forget that comments about physical appearance are not only offensive to them, they can also affect men. Even if you do not have problems with your body, imagine if your husband told you that you thought you were more chubby and wanted you to exercise more.

Of course, we may want our husbands to be healthier, but if you see that your spouse is sloppy with health, you can encourage him through his own example by inviting him (and not saying) to accompany him in some healthy habits.

3. Some little things he does irritate you
If he does something that is bothering you, ask yourself sincerely if it is something so important. Things like putting toilet paper upside down on the stand, or forgetting to turn off the light do not really matter. If you can take a deep breath and let it go, do it. Obviously, if it’s important to you, tell her with love why it disturbs you. Otherwise, save this comment for yourself.

Why not?
Small situations like these simply do not deserve a discussion or any marital discord. Always choose love instead of conflict. Think of it as serving your spouse – he is likely to do the same for you from time to time.

Your marriage will be much happier and healthier when you wisely choose what to share with your husband. (Of course, the same goes for husbands and for what they say to their wives). So be sincere and share practically everything with him, but keep these three secrets to yourself.

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