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3 Signs That A Simple Friendship Is Becoming A Novel

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3 Signs That A Simple Friendship Is Becoming A Novel
Sometimes love comes in the most unexpected ways. Even a friendship can turn into romance when you least expect it. As friends you feel caring, conversing and supporting each other.

However, you begin to notice that there is something else, this can become confusing. You may also have concerns that this new feeling may, in some way, damage your friendship.

The first thing to do is to be aware of the common signs that a friendship is turning into love. Let’s think about some:

1. You have romantic fantasies about him
In the most unusual moments, you find yourself thinking about romantic situations with your friend. You tremble at a slight touch and wonder what a closer approach, a kiss, a seductive hug would be.

Sometimes it seems to travel in romantic imaginations and people need to draw their attention to the present.

Think of him often and, as soon as they have separated, can not wait to be together again, these are very strong signs that friendship is not the only feeling that connects you to him.

2. You feel jealous
Just thinking about him/her with another person already makes you angry? All you want is preferential and unrestricted attention? This is a very strong signal.

If he/she lives a loving relationship, you feel betrayed, you can not act naturally, and you do not miss an opportunity to denigrate you.

You feel uncomfortable and the other friends say they are not recognizing you. And not only that, when you feel jealous of another person’s time or interests, it’s time to reflect on what that person really means to you.

3. Changing attitudes
You notice changes in your behavior, something different in the way you interact with it. Your laughter is looser, your heart just shoots to see you and you do everything to get his attention; Unmistakable symptoms of passion.

The fact is that everything is different when you are in love, and even if you try, you can no longer disguise the change in your feelings.

And if these signs are already quite obvious to you, before you get bored by realizing that passion, remember that friendship can be a great way to romance. Passion and respect are a beautiful blend for a loving relationship. So do not worry so much!

Do not be afraid to face this new reality, remember that the worst that can happen is you are not being reciprocated. In this situation, therefore, certain that being reciprocated is as possible as not being, and that this is a truth that applies to all the people of this planet – even to those considered the most beautiful and Sensual – get up, wash that face, dress as if you are celebrating and make a toast to yourself, to love and to the best that’s to come!

My suggestion is a simple and clear conversation by which you expose your feelings. It may be that your friend is experiencing the same difficulty in understanding that the friendship is no longer the same.

In that case, the conversation will make things easier for you, and finally, you can live that passion. But, if your fear is not being reciprocated, it is also through a conversation that you will be able to clarify everything.

After all, be it love or friendship, the important thing is to always be very truthful.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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