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3 Signs You Need To See The Doctor

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Hot Facts Doctors May Never Tell You About Your Health. 

3 Signs You Need To See The Doctor
Many people believe that a lump in the breast is a sign of cancer, which is not exactly true. There are situations in which breast lumps arise of a benign nature, that is, they are not cancer. There are many different and often non-consequence changes, such as fibroadenoma, which does not even require treatment.

The technical term is nodule and generically designates any lump in the breast, whether benign or cancer. The most common are benign alterations, especially in younger women.

Why breast lumps arise
The mastitis – the name given to the non – malignant lump, can appear before menstruation by hormonal changes or due to the growth of cysts or changes in breast tissue (fibrosis) and disappear after the menstrual period.

They may have one or both breasts, and become sore from caffeine intake in the case of cysts. Another type of lump is fibroadenoma – more common in young women and does not usually hurt. These arise due to the growth of glands and other breast tissues. Lipoma arises due to the accumulation of adipose tissue in the breast and can be mistaken for cancer.

Other causes of nodule may be due to mastitis – infection of the breast that can cause inflammation of the tissues and nodules. They are painful and may present local redness. Also important is diabetic mastopia – a rare type of mastitis that affects more women who use insulin. They are painless when they appear and can become painful and cause purulent blisters on the skin.

In benign cases, the treatments are differentiated. Some regress spontaneously, others, like cysts, need to be removed.

When to seek the doctor?

1. When you feel pain, fever or breast changes
Both benign and malignant nodules may or may not hurt. The signs of mastitis are usually redness and swelling in the sinus, chills, fever over 38.5 degrees, lumps (milk cobblestones) and general tiredness – symptoms very similar to those of the flu.

If you experience pain in your breasts, under your arms, or changes in the shape and appearance of your skin, seek medical advice.

2. When there are secretions
If there is any abnormal release of liquids from the nipple outside of breastfeeding, it is good to see a doctor, especially if there is blood or clear discharge like water and a single nipple. It could be cancer.

The nipple is a secretory organ, so it is not uncommon to have liquids in place, do not worry if there is yellow, brown and greenish fluid coming out, as it is just a “cleaning” system for the ducts that are dilated, it usually happens with Women who have already breastfed.

Milky discharge can occur, due to hormonal changes caused by medications for nausea, antidepressants and anxiolytics, or when there is a tumor in the pituitary gland, which is usually benign.

3. If there is suspicion and a family history
Family history is important, it is useful to know that all are at risk, since most breast cancer patients have no family history.

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