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3 steps to get up when your spouse hurt you deeply

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3 steps to get up when your spouse hurt you deeply
When someone we love hurts us, we feel very sad. Especially when that someone is your husband or your wife. For many times in our lives our spouse will disappoint us, whether in a simple or complex way, but we must be ready to forgive, to resolve the situation, and not to allow this hurt to destroy good feelings.

If you feel hurt with your spouse, this is probably affecting your relationship very badly. It takes up these three steps:

1. Breathe
Yes, everyone tells us this when nervousness strikes for some reason. But this is the first and most important step – that we can deal with adverse situations wisely. Deep breathing helps oxygenate the body, releasing tension and helping to relax.
When we are very sad, disappointed, or angry, we should not make any decisions, for they will be by impulse, and there is a great chance that we will repent later. So breathe and calm down.

2. Remember its value

When someone we love hurts us, sometimes we may even find the error in ourselves and then blame ourselves for someone else’s mistake.

After feeling guilty, then self-esteem falls and the person may even become depressed, believing that they do not have qualities and talents, feeling uncomfortable, that is not right.

After taking a deep breath, you can not forget your value, how special you are, and how hard you try to do good. Do not think that someone has hurt you because of you, it does not exist. Maybe you failed something, but we all failed.

Remember all the good things you have ever experienced and the great things you have already achieved. Also remember all the wonderful moments you and your spouse have experienced. You have value, your relationship is invaluable.

3. Look for a solution
The situation you are going through will not resolve happily if you keep looking for more reasons to hurt yourself, focus on the mistakes and the bad things that have happened, and how hurt you are.

After breathing, and if necessary breathing a few more times, and valuing yourself, then you can and should go to the third step: look for a solution. If you do not seek a solution, you will look for more reason to grieve and argue, and that is not good at all, the situation will only get worse and you will get hurt even more.

Did your spouse hurt you exclusively by mistake? If so, you need to express your feelings and talk about what is hurting you, and you need to forgive and help.

You will make many mistakes too, and you will surely want forgiveness, so forgive others. Talk and think about how you can improve and abandon your mistakes, and support each other in this task.

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, composed of a man and woman with defects, who make mistakes and who will eventually hurt each other.

But the important thing is for the two to strive for the common good, for the two to know how to dialogue and to try to make their spouses happy, to know how to solve problems and not to aggravate them, to know how to forgive and how to rebuild.

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