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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing As A Parent

by Family Center

3 Things You Need To Stop Doing As A Parent
Do you think you are doing some few things that are needed? Then what are some of the few wrong things that parents do to their kids?

1. Setting and breaking rules

Today is a not phone day at the dinning. So, the kids prepare themselves not to use the phone. But now, your phone rings and you decided to break the rule because you are a mum?

You and your spouse set up certain household rules for a reason. Sometimes those rules apply to you and not just your children. You can’t expect your children to obey the rules you have set up if they see you breaking them. Parenting is all about leading by example. Be an example to your children and actually stick to the rules you have set up. Your children will be more likely to follow your example and actually stick to the rules.

So, the next time you have to set a rule, you must not break it unless, you will indeed be breaking the trust they have in you as a parent.

2. Give reasons for actions

It is expected for you as a parents to say no, and then mean it. But how lovely it is when they say and give adequate reasons for that? That will better the outlook they have towards the way they accept and receive directions.

When you explain the reasons for your saying no, then you will see that your children will improve in the way they respect and trust you.

3. Outburst of anger
Just getting back home, and you noticed that all the things you needed your kids to do has not be done, then it can a big problem for them. It is possible for a parent to let go of all the annoyance, and then show that you are annoyed.

This time is best for you to keep restrained and be calm. Make sure that you have your words in check and reduce the constant belittle of expressions. Constant belittlement or chastisement will only damage your children’s self-esteem and drive them away from having a good and healthy relationship with you.

You are just a parent and not a God, so you will make mistakes, but make sure you get to make amends when you have made a mistake.

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