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3 Ways That Depression May Affect Your Marriage

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3 Ways That Depression Is Ending With Your Marriage
Depression has increasingly affected people of all ages and brought consequences in their personal lives as well as in their relationships.

It is a disease that greatly influences the behavior of the patient. Mood swings, sadness, negative thoughts, falling libido are some of the consequences of depression which, for those who are married, can also affect the life of the spouse.

Living next to a depressed person is not an easy task. The spouse needs, in addition to patience, to overcome many partner attitudes, in addition to showing a lot of love, and, in fact, not all are willing to do so.

This way, when one of the spouses faces a depression, it can overwhelm their relationship and even end the marriage.

1. Low fellowship
Depression affects the social life of those who are suffering from it. Episodes of sadness are common and in these hours all that the patient wants is to isolate himself from everything and everyone. What, then, is the other spouse?

Most of the time, he tries to give support and affection, but even so he feels alone and astonished, unable to overcome the situation, especially when the other affected by depression does not give opportunity for treatment. Gradually he may feel distant and then the relationship may be numbered days.

2. Aggressiveness
Very common also in depressed patients is the little (or no) willingness to talk. When the spouse tries to keep some dialogue is received with words aggressive and lacking in affection. How long is anyone able to live in a relationship where he is constantly mistreated, with no prospect of improvement?

3. Low self-esteem
Those who suffer a greater degree of depression usually end up leaving their personal care (and even caring for the home) at the bottom. Nothing else matters, your skin, hair, appearance as a whole, are completely left aside. The spouse only remembers the moments when the other showed good and gentle with himself.

With low self-esteem comes also the fall of the libido, and the even greater distance of the companion. The relationship can become increasingly complicated to maintain.

Depression, no doubt, is responsible for a percentage of separations between couples. Realizing the need for treatment and seeking medical help is key to restoring the patient’s health and ensuring the stability of the relationship to two.

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