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3 Ways To Destroy Your Child’s Self Esteem

by Family Center

3 Ways To Destroy Your Child’s Self Esteem

Do you think it is impossible to destroy your children’s self esteem? Well, some has defined self-esteem as the ability for an individual to stand up for him or herself. In other words, it could be regarded as courage or ego. Let’s now consider some few ways you can knowingly or unknowingly destroys your child’s self-esteem.

1. When you say that things are too easy for your son, it is expected to motivate him to spur him on, but however, he will begin to think about the negative side. He is surely going to say that if things are easy, why not for me? Then the feeling of worthlessness comes in place, and that can seriously affect the way he reasons and engage in some few things.

So, instead of just telling him that things are easy, make him realize that things are not easy for someone of his age or stature. Make him see how you coped when you were his age.

2. Doing too much
When faced with a task, it could be glaring that he needs helps. It is a welcomed idea. But however, do not forget that the more help you give him, the more you loosen his confidence to do things by himself. Insist that he tries as much as possible to accomplish some few tasks, and then help can readily be made available when you decipher that he cannot do such any longer.

This makes them feel the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing that you are there for them, and that they can stand on their own wen you are not with them.

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3. Tension when they make mistakes
It is normal for everyone to make mistakes, but you can be rest assured that every mistake is a new one when you dint repeat a old mistake. So when he makes mistakes, do not panic that he has lost it. He has not in fact use it to build hos perspective of what and how he should get things done. This will build the need self-esteem he needs.

So, when next he makes some form of mistake, make him realize that it is normal to make them, and that he can stand. Build that needed self-esteem today so that he can grow to the man or woman of your dream. It also builds up the family.

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