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3 Ways To End Lies In The Home

by Family Center

3 Ways To End Lies In The Home
Lies! This is one constant feature of several millions of people. You just call someone now in Lagos and the person tells you he is in Abuja. You have resigned to fate only to walk some three bus stops and see the individual in Lagos attending to somewhat unimportant duties.

In the family as well, lies have become the order of the day. Wives, fathers and children have stuck to the bad habit of telling untrue words on the assumption that all would be fine with just a simple lie.

Some have gone to the extent of saying that one os a white lie, and another is a black lie. But however, lie is lie, never become decieved in your senses or reasonings.

Here are some aids to ending lies at home:

1. Understand the situation
Yes! Lies are addictions. At first the person chooses to tell a little lie, but this lie has the power to force the liar to tell another and, without the person having noticed, his life is surrounded by lies and more lies.

Lies tend to be a way of manipulating not only who listens to them, but also, to those who tell them, because they take control of the life of the liar, so he starts to believe his own lies.

2. Seek help from a professional
Skilled professionals are people who are prepared to help her husband get rid of the lie-addiction, as he may even think he does not need help. However, you must be a wise and determined wife, tell her how much you want and want to see him healthy, for the sake of the relationship, so persist for him to accept the treatment that best suits his current situation.

3. Prayer
For people of faith, prayer is fundamental for deliverance. It is also a powerful principle that can bring healing home, because it draws us closer to God and he says, “Ask, and it shall be given unto you: seek, and ye shall find: knock, and open yourselves.” (Matthew 7: 7).

Before giving up on your marriage, seek divine help. Do not let lies destroy your family. Sometimes your husband just needs you to pray a little more for him without giving up.

Pure hearts in a pure home are always a whisper from the sky.

Remember: it is not a shame to ask for help, rather it is an act of courage. If all married people sought help when breakups appeared in marriage, many divorces could be avoided.

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