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3 ways to wash your private part (For Men)

by Okechukwu Liberty
3 ways to wash your private part (For Men)

Here’s how to wash your genitalia, gentlemen.

Men owe it to their penis to constantly maintain it clean, healthy, and functional because it’s the bodily part they may appreciate most.

Give it the attention it requires, and your partner will probably be grateful as well if you do.

1. Warm wash daily:

Every day, after taking a shower or bath, gently wash the penis with warm water. If you have a foreskin, gently pull it back and wash it from the inside.

A cheesy-looking substance called smegma may start to accumulate if you don’t properly wash behind the foreskin.

The natural lubrication smegma keeps the penis damp. It is located beneath the foreskin and on the penis head.

Smegma can begin to smell, make it difficult for you to simply draw your foreskin back, and turn into a haven for bacteria if it accumulates in the foreskin. Your penis’s head may get swollen and red as a result, a condition known as balanitis.

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2. “Off-putting odour”

How many men don’t clean their foreskin is extremely surprising. Poor hygiene not only frequently results in issues, but it’s also incredibly unappealing to a sexual partner.

It could hurt and be harmful to attempt to forcibly pull back a baby or young boy’s foreskin. It’s possible that their foreskin is still partially linked to the penis head. Cleaning the interior of the foreskin is unnecessary at this point in their development.

While maintaining good personal hygiene is crucial, overusing soap and shower gels can make you sore. To keep your penis clean, you only need to gently wash it once a day with warm water. To lessen the chance of skin irritation, pick a light or unscented soap if you decide to use soap.

It could be tempting to apply talc and deodorants on your penis, but it’s better to avoid doing so because talc might irritate the foreskin if it gets there.

Men who have been circumcised must take the same precautions when cleaning their penis. It is sufficient to gently wash the penis with warm water once each day.

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3. Testicles, pubic region

For the same reason that perspiration and hair in your armpits might mix to produce an offensive odour, don’t forget to clean the base of your penis and your testicles.

Due to the fact that they are covered by underwear for the majority of the day, these areas require frequent washing to prevent sweat from building up.

A clean, odour-free space should also exist between the anus and the base of the testicles.

Once a month, after a warm bath or shower, it’s a good idea to check your testicles for lumps while you’re down there.

Keep an eye out for any strange lumps or swollen areas that haven’t been there before. Learn how the testes should feel and appear.

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