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36-year-old lady arrested for allegedly abusing 4-year old nephew

by Family Center

A 36-year-old lady has been arrested for sexually abusing her 4-year-old nephew.

The story which was told by a Twitter user, Natachi Peace followed an event which happened yesterday in a clinic when the poster’s sister, a nurse was meant to inject a 4-year-old boy.

According to the story, the nurse asked the lady to hold her nephew while she injected him with his dosage at the hospital she works. However, the boy ran away from his aunt and followed the nurse after receiving his injection.

Seeing this, the nurse thought the boy was just being a child but then realized there was more to the sudden fright of the boy when he said. “My peepee is paining me”


Here’s the full story as recounted by Natachi Peace:

My sister told the boys aunt to assist in holding the boy for injection. The boy ran away from the aunt and followed my sister. He told my sister, he doesn’t like the aunt.

She thought it was kids being kids

HIM- I want to tell you something

My sister – tell me

HIM- my peepee is paining me

My sister- what happened?

HIM- My aunt, does something about it that makes me cry… He started crying

My sister- you mean the aunt outside?

Him- yes nurse

My sister locked the aunt in a room, called the police & the boy’s mom.


They examined the boy and behold- it was a case of child abuse. The mom cried until she couldn’t cry anymore. Aunt got arrested.

The aunt is 36 years old, the mom’s younger sister

I cannot imagine what the boy is going through and what’s he’s been through. Some people are so messed up they end up ruining lives.

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What is a 36 year old looking for in a 4-year-old?
How careful can one be around relatives too? Her own sister?

I’m just tired people. You can’t even trust your blood.

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