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4 Biblical reasons why children should not celebrate Halloween

by Family Center
4 Biblical reasons why children should not celebrate Halloween

For some parents it does not hurt to go to the Halloween party; for others, this party can be very dangerous. And to you? Should your child attend Halloween?

At the beginning of our Christian walk, we did not think it a great deal to wear our children in those monster, death, devil or witch clothes to attend a party or the Halloween party that several schools have been putting in place now.

After some time of Christian walking, we begin to understand the risks that are behind this feast and now we avoid having our children celebrating the darkness; we have decided that they are light, salt and light (Mt 5:14), and should be where the light is made present and should not worship evil.

Here we explain 4 reasons why our children are not going to Halloween anymore. Evaluate if any of them fits into your life and rethink that date at for your children going to such parties or organizing several other types like that.

1. October 31 is the first wizard calendar party, it is considered by lovers of witchcraft as a festival of death. If we serve a God who is life, we should not encourage our children to something that exalts death.

2. God abhors everything that is related to witchcraft and of course, He will not be overawed by our children dressed as magician, witch or devil. If we want our children to be the image and likeness of Christ, I do not need to wear them as something reminiscent of death.

3. In the “play” of Halloween, one of the most common steps, especially in the USA, is with the children visiting the houses in terror clothes, and when they arrive they ask the owner of the house: “Sweets or Mischief?”. The belief and that many people believe is that if there is no candy offering to the monsters they could do some evil to the owner of the house.

4. The feast celebrated today is a feast to remember the darkness and our children serve a God who has overcome the darkness, and everything they do must be done to glorify Jesus (1 Cor. 10:31)

Do not forget that we live under the law of sowing (Gal. 6: 7), which we sow we will reap. If we let our children, still young, get involved in these practices, even if they still do not understand, how can we forbid them from a habit of witchcraft as a teenager? Let us help our children now to abhor what is wicked.

God is a God of life, and Halloween is focused on death. Light has nothing in common with darkness (2 Cor. 6:14).

We serve a God who gives us free will, always choose what you believe will please Him, and have a family celebration forever that would please him.

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