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4 Common Mistakes Divorced People Commit

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4 Common Mistakes Divorced People Commit
Our mental, spiritual, and character strength is not measured when all goes well. It is in the extreme moments that we show (and even find out) who we really are. Of course, everyone is liable to err, especially in times of trouble. But the decision between staying in error or choosing a better route is in our hands.

Here are 4 common mistakes that many divorcees make. If you want to get rid of this pain that the divorce is causing you, get away from it all:

1. Try to prove that you are happy
Many divorced people spend horrors with clothes, jewelry, parties; get drunk, get into fickle relationships, and do other crazy things to prove they’re okay.

You do not have to prove anything to anyone. Any sensible person knows that divorce, for the most part, brings a lot of pain and other feelings very difficult to digest. You can not restore happiness overnight. Living mourning is fundamental in the healing process.

You should not give yourself to eternal sorrow, but you should not try to speed things up either. Read the article below to understand the stages through which you will have to go through to become happy again.

2. Dating or Getting Married Quickly
Most often the person who is suffering and engages with another person quickly does so primarily to prove to the ex-spouse that they can be loved and desired by someone else. She may also be trying to heal old love with a new one.

This is a very irresponsible and dangerous attitude because you are not psychologically prepared to make a wise choice. So by getting involved with the first one that pops up, you may be getting into another cold, and bring even more trouble into your life, especially if you have children.

3. Watch out for Ex
Some divorcees want to know everything that is going on in the ex’s life. To do this, they interrogate their children, scan the social networks, and sometimes even ask their friends.

Know that the less you know about the life of your ex-spouse, the better your life will be. The faster you can get around.

The article below contains tips for getting rid of the sadness caused by the loss as quickly as possible.

4. Parental Alienation
Many parents use their child as an instrument of revenge against the former spouse. This is called Parental Alienation and is a crime in our country.

These mistakes can even bring momentary satisfaction. But, what they do, in fact, is to increase pain, rancor, anger and destroy self-esteem.

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