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4 Complements To Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

by Family Center

4 Complements To Boost Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Do you think that type of message you send to your child can boost him or her? What expressions should be said and not said? Well, lets consider some 4 complements that can boost your child’s self-esteem.

1. You are courageous
That expression can mean a lot. It can be used to complement other things he has done in the past. For example, You can say that expression completing it when he starts something new, engages in a task that is profitable for him, stand up against bullies or peer pressure, or when the feeling on inadequacy comes and he overcomes it.

Remind your child to be courageous and cite examples of when he was able to do that in the past, and how he can do that in the future. Be rest assured, he can do it.

2. You have improved
This means a lot to him. They say that the biggest room in the world is tat of improvement. Then you tell him that he has improved, then he will be able to do more than he is currently doing. For example, if is of the opinion that some kids find it hard enjoying some forms of classes or subjects, you can tell them that you passed this course in the past, and so you can also pass this in the future.

Make sure that he is able to know why you are saying that. It may be over his academic excellence, or hos time management, or hos personal responsibilities that is making him do all that. Make sure that he is able to know why you are commending him for his improvement.4-complements-boost-childs-self-esteem

3. You have worked hard.
When he or she realizes the fact that you recognize how much he has work hard, then he can be able to work harder in whatever case he may have at hand. You may wish to tell him that when he has probably completed a house chore, completed an academic project, progressed in thinking and understanding, receiving a good grade in school, or overcoming a difficult challenge.

4. Self-motivation
When you see that he has a lot of task he has done without been told what to do, then you can say that it is an initiative. Make sure that he was able to do something without you telling at all, that way, you can now say that i love your self motivation.

He or she may find it very hard to wake up in good time for school, but when he then does that himself, it will be better for you to say some good words to him.

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