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4 Conversations You Should Have With Your Daughter

by Family Center

4 Conversations You Should Have With Your Daughter
When you have a baby girl, it is important for you to explain and tell her some few things. What are some of the few things we need to know?

1. Self-love
Self-love must be taught from childhood and needs to be reinforced in the adolescence of children. It is up to parents to remind their daughters that before they desire a boy to have an interest in her, she must have self-esteem, knowing her own values, defending her virtue and respecting herself.

So she will be brave enough to let people into her life, but when she does, she will let them go without allowing herself to be destroyed, for she will always know of her worth.

2. Sex
It is the responsibility of parents to teach sex education to their daughters, perhaps this is not such a pleasant subject to be taught, however, it is essential in their lives.

It is the hardest and most complicated things to be taught and learned that will become precious in a young woman’s life if taught from childhood by her parents. These lessons will help you to value and preserve your body, avoid illness or an early pregnancy.

3. Solid values
It is the duty of parents to teach their daughters to say “no” to drugs, liquor, illicit sex … If they are not taught, these daughters will be consumed by these evils that are destroying the lives of many young people, as it destroyed the girl’s life Of the above story. Values ​​need to be solid, these values ​​are learned in childhood and last for a lifetime.

The teachings of parents need not be composed of eloquent words or long speeches, it is enough that words are simple, sincere, kind, true and concrete, so they will penetrate the heart and mind of their daughters and make them remember constantly How valuable they are.

4. Willingness
Preparing a daughter to make her own choices is challenging, perhaps this is one of the great difficulties of the parents, if not the greatest. Looking at the daughter and allowing her to make her own choices, even parents being aware that she is making the wrong choice, can be painful, but it is necessary for her growth.

We humans are benefited by the use of agency, so we can make choices for our progress or for our destruction, it will all depend on our actions.

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