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4 health problems that can be identified only by looking at the nails

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4 health problems that can be identified only by looking at the nails
Nails are superimposed layers of keratin. The visible part is called the nail plate and grows from a matrix – connective tissue replete with nerve endings.

The basic functions of the nail, in addition to beautifying hands and feet, is to protect the tissues, scratch and be indicative of the general health of the body.

The shape, color, and texture may indicate whether health is at risk or not. Usually, the person notices when there is something wrong with the nails. Seek medical attention if your nails appear weak, brittle, change the color and or shape and also if blemishes or streaks appear.

Some diseases can be noticed just by looking at the nails. Watch your nails and see if you have any of the problems below. Remembering that the indications below are not decisive, but a general guide. Only the doctor can give the correct diagnosis.

1. Bluish nails
Blueish or bluish nails that appear suddenly or permanently. Due to the lack of oxygenation due to heart problems the nails can acquire this coloration. Dark spots may also appear below each fingernail. Blood spots (brown spots) under the nail also point to poor circulation due to heart problems.

2. Malnutrition
Nails that break, crumble, or appear on slides, indicate problems related to lack of proper nutrition (malnutrition) and anemia – as long as they exclude psoriasis and ringworm. In the case of iron deficiency anemia, the nail may be deformed.

3. Pulmonary problems
Yellowish nails, nails in the shape of sticks ( Hippocratic fingers). There is an abnormal growth of the tissues under the nail, causing it to look spoon down. Indicates from dysentery to lung cancer. It also arises in the presence of congenital heart disease, celiac disease, cirrhosis and intestinal tuberculosis.

4. Metabolic and Autoimmune diseases
Diabetes: red, brittle and non-growing nails. Nails that may have grooves, the so-called beau lines.

Lupus: Brown lines or dots under each nail suggest diagnosis of lupus, psoriasis and even heart disease.

Psoriasis: brittle nails, with depressions (small dips)

Hypothyroidism: weak nails, dry and brittle (decaying)

Nails that point to more serious problems
Nails with dark vertical stripes: Generally they do not have bigger meaning, mainly in black people who tend to present this type of stain in the nails.

However, seek medical advice for evaluation, as it may be a type of skin cancer (nail melanoma). Nails that bend down may signal for lung cancer. Already the pale or white can indicate the existence of cancer in the liver.

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