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4 Hidden Signs That Your Child May Have Depression

by Family Center

4 Hidden Signs That Your Child May Have Depression
The image we have about children is to see them happy, playful, full of energy and willing to learn, but unfortunately, it is not always that way.

The depression also affects diagnose and know this picture is an important task to help them overcome this disease.

Factors that can also commonly trigger depression in adults are experienced by children, such as: mourning, a major change, maladaptation in school, separation of parents from others. However, unlike adults, children find it difficult to express what they feel. It is up to parents and family members to notice if they notice something different in the behavior of the little ones.

1. Irritability
This can be one of the main symptoms that children present. Because it is a new sensation for them, they will hardly tell parents that they feel distressed or with deep sadness, they come to believe that what they feel is normal and that makes them irritable, with a behavior different from what they have always been.

2. Lack of will to have fun
Children love to be involved in jokes and activities, however, a depressed child loses the desire for fun. They become apathetic and not even their best toys can bring back the mood they felt before.

3. Change in eating habits
Lack of interest in food as a whole, when in conjunction with other signs, may point to a picture of childhood depression. The depressed child loses the desire to feed even food they once liked.

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4. Change in sleep
Sudden fear of sleeping alone or in the dark, frequent nightmares are changes that need to be observed as they may be signs of depression.

The ideal is to always be attentive to the daily life of the child. By observing your daily life, your habits and habits make it easier to detect a picture of depression right from the start.

If you notice something different about your child, do not be afraid to question him or her about your feelings, your answers may help you identify something.

The pediatrician can be your helper in the search for an appropriate treatment, it together a psychologist or psychiatrist can treat your little one so that the picture reverts.

Children need the attention and affection of their parents, they need quality time so that you can identify anything different that might be happening to your child early on and help you recover and enjoy the best phase of life , Childhood, in a happy way.

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