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4 Hidden Signs of Pregnancy

by Family Center

4 Hidden Signs of Pregnancy
Nowadays it is almost impossible for someone to be pregnant and not to know. The information is within reach of any cell phone and there are more than 240 million telephone lines with Internet access. So you can get information on whether or not you feel like you are pregnant. Signs are usually well known: nausea, drowsiness, darkening of the nipples, tender breasts, increased hunger, etc.

However, there are signs that most people do not even notice. For example, gum bleeding is something that anyone can have as well as nosebleed. However, these are signs of pregnancy. Sometimes they are transient and uncomplicated signals. However, if the condition persists or worsens, it is advisable to seek medical advice. These less common symptoms usually go unnoticed by most women.

Here are 4 of them

1. Bleeds and vases
Gingival, nasal, and vaginal bleeding (which may be confused with menstruation but lasts only one day) may occur during pregnancy. This is explained by the increase in circulating blood flow, which leaves the vessels larger and more sensitive during this period causing haemorrhages and the terrible vessels to leave the veins more protruding.

2. Palate changes
This is not even a hidden sign like this since part of nausea comes from there, but a strange metallic taste in the mouth goes unnoticed and is a sign of pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes. The dysgeusia arises about the sixth week of pregnancy, ie, in the second month after fertilization. Therefore, it is one of the symptoms of mistrust of pregnancy.

3. Itching
It scratches everything, scratches the breasts, the belly, the arms, and legs. If you notice itching in these regions without an apparent cause it can be pregnancy, since the hormones of pregnancy, especially HCF, leave the skin more dry and more sensitive, including the eyes also become drier and deserve attention.

The itching and irritation appear mainly in the belly and breasts region. However, this itching should not be intense. If you are about to disturb, seek your doctor, as it may be obstetrical cholestasis , a serious illness whose main symptom is a very strong itch. The itching should also not be accompanied by red spots or after fever. If so, it is important to seek the doctor immediately.

According to popular belief, scratching the belly causes stretch marks. Such belief does not proceed. In fact, when scratching is because the streak is already forming, so it appears after scratching.

4. Cough and respiratory tract infections
During pregnancy the immune system becomes less efficient and can be one of the explanations for the appearance of cough, since it leaves the pregnant woman more exposed to the organic aggressions like flu and colds.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy may be the cause of coughing, as increased estrogen may cause the mucous membranes to swell causing gestational rhinitis, which can cause dry cough (no secretions) or productive cough (with secretions).

If you notice any of these signs together with a delayed menstrual period, tiredness and drowsiness, you may well be pregnant. Take a test as soon as possible.

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