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4 Important Things About Insomnia You Did not Know But Should Know

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4 Important Things About Insomnia You Did not Know But Should Know
Anyone who has never had a sleepless night is not sure what it is to see the hours go by much slower than they should. Warm milk, movies on TV, reading a good book, counting sheep, are part of several popularly known techniques to definitely call sleep, but in fact all of them can fail.

Those who suffer from insomnia constantly feel more tired and lack energy to face the tasks of the day, after all a good night’s sleep, everyone knows, it is refreshing and does very well to our body.

Quite apart from psychological factors that can indeed affect our sleep as anxiety, depression, nervousness and stress, the genetic factor has also been studied and pointed out as relevant in cases of insomnia.

Chemical Factors
According to a research, it was gathered that seven genes in our DNA can interfere with sleep disorders leading to propensity for insomnia, all because they cause a chemical change in our brain. These same genes can also cause restless legs syndrome, in addition to periodic limb movement.

People most affected
Unfortunately, there are times in our lives that this sleep disorder may appear more often: during pregnancy, when we reach the third age or even in the menopause period.

Foods That Promote Insomnia
Some foods, when eaten during the day may favor a picture of insomnia. Coffee, chocolate plus some types of teas can act as stimulants of the nervous system and make your sleep simply disappear.

Getting ready to sleep
In order for you to make the most of your night’s sleep and avoid insomnia not just lie down to sleep, some care needs to be taken sooner if you are suffering from this bad.

A warm shower before bedtime can calm you and also help you feel more comfortable.

Preparing the house lights so that they create a warm and not very clear environment helps your brain identify and prepare to rest.

Very heavy meals should be avoided at night, all to favor a good night’s sleep. Choose hot foods, soups, for example, they help your body relax.

Some teas such as lemongrass, for example, are suitable for those who wish to rest quietly during the night.

Those who suffer from frequent nights of insomnia can and should seek help from a doctor. Everyone needs to rest properly to stay healthy.

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