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4 Inexcusable Mistakes that men make in appearance

by Family Center

4 Inexcusable Mistakes that men make in appearance
A good personal presentation falls well at any time and it is not because sex is masculine that sloppiness and lack of care with appearance can happen. Men can also and should be careful about their way of dressing and in small details that end up harming the image and passing on information that may not be correct.

1. Length of trousers
It does not matter if it is a sport, jeans or social trouser, the trim should be correct and the hem must be at the right place. Accumulating an accordion on the ankle is not recommended at all, a sheath must be carefully made on any type of trousers so that the look is perfect. It should be measured with the shoe to avoid mistakes.

2. Great clothes
Wide shirts, long T-shirts, trousers falling, any piece in size bigger than necessary leaves our visual great imagination. Even though it seems that a wide shirt hides the belly, this practice is not indicated as it detracts from the overall look. The lengths of the parts should also be evaluated and modified when necessary.

3. Small clothes
Continuing to use the same piece after gaining a few pounds further damages the image. Shirts that do not button right, trousers too tight, T-shirts glued to the look, then we need to work that body structure.

4. Height of the tie
This is a problem that most men have, and height indecision often occurs in dressing a lot with men. The tip is simple, after fully dressed, the knot of the tie should be made so that its length reaches up to the belt buckle. Neither taller nor lower.

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