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4 Little Known Benefits of Massage

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4 Little Known Benefits of Massage
There are many benefits in massages such as pain relief, postural correction, reduction of measures and many others. And because of these great benefits, more and more this practice has been accepted and well used in treatments that aid in the healing of the mind and body.

According to a site, these are the 4 little-known benefits and types of massage:

1. Relaxes muscles and relieves stress
The massage therapy has the function to work the relaxation of muscles deep. When this occurs, the brain no longer feels any threat, so it cuts off the stress chain reaction and starts to relax all other systems in the body.

Shiatsu is a massage used to provide both physical and emotional well-being. Of Chinese origin, it balances the channels of energy that run through the whole human body, that is, the meridian points. So it can improve the whole blood circulation, can also combat insomnia, anxiety, relieves menstrual cramping pains, arrest gut, migraine, headache and aches and pains caused by poor posture.

According to a physiotherapist, this technique acts in the flow of energy and produces balance, so it makes appear what was blocked and what was in excess. Therefore, this energy evolution tends to strengthen the body creating a natural resistance. It also develops the capacity to correct internal imbalances, prevents pathologies, treats acute and chronic diseases.

2. Reduces swelling
The massage has the ability to eliminate excess fluid and also reduces swelling.

The Ayurvedic massage assists in the release of toxins trapped in muscles, tissues, and circulation. It results in relieving stress, especially chronic ones, postural realignment, strengthening of the immune system, depression, and stress reduction.

Sport: used in athletes, it focuses on the muscle groups that are most used at the time of sports, so it relaxes the muscles, oxygenates the cells and produces a better circulation of the blood, so athletes can regain physical and your muscle groups with agility.

A Destoxi Drain: According to a specialist, this drains and detoxifies the entire organism, minimizes swelling and brings balance to metabolic functions. It also produces muscle relaxation and reduces sagging. The active products used in the cream are derived from marine biotechnology, potentiating a draining action, so it reduces swelling.

3. Eliminates toxins
Massotherapy allows the elimination of toxins and helps improve the immune system.

The Abhyanga massage is crafted with the use of warm oil. This selection is made according to the characterization of the patient’s biological profile, known as Dosha. At the time of working the massage is used a lot of oil, as it is intended to eliminate toxins and nourish the patient’s tissues.

As it acts directly in the lymphatic, sanguine and nervous systems, it also stimulates the digestive system says a physiotherapist.

This massage helps to improve the oxygenation of tissues and acts for the prevention of disease, providing quality in the health of the patient.

4. Provide peace
Massotherapy, as mentioned above, produces several benefits for the patient to have a good quality of life, however, it is important to note that it assists in the balance of the nervous system, which provides calm and peace.

The way the therapist uses his hands on the patient’s body causes the hormones that are connected to the sensations of reward and pleasure to be stimulated.

Silence and tranquility produce introspection, where it is possible to forget all worries for a moment, so it is possible to feel peace and relief from physical, mental and emotional pain. And thus, the patient renews his strength to live his life relieved of his pains.

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