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4 Precious Things Modern Parents Provide to Their Children

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4 Precious Things Modern Parents Provide to Their Children
The family model of decades ago, where the father arrives from work, sits in an armchair and is served by his wife and children has changed radically. Today, father and mother work in all family areas, in the provision of the home and in the education of the children.

They act as equal partners and this can be a bit uncomfortable for parents who have had a different education in their childhoods.

It is increasingly common to see parents commenting, sharing photos and telling friends at work how they take care of their children and how it brings them joy. They found that there is a lot of happiness hidden in the smile of a child who interacts with their father. And the concern to give the best in the sense of material things is less and less.

Everything may be very new and it is difficult to be sure if the path to education and parenting is correct or not. Mothers know that it is the same way, that caring for children will only really be learned when they are already in adult life. Lucky for the younger ones.

Together, father and mother share the joy of educating and nurturing one or more children in their own home.

Today’s parents are able to give their children some very important things with their current attitudes:

1. Trust
They accompany their children in adventures and in learning games, at school work, in sports, and when necessary. Knowing that being in the home and in the lives of the children is extremely important, parents today can make sure that their children trust themselves and take risks, because when everything is new, they will be with their parents and learn from them or along with them.

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2. Limits
Parents know that by imposing limits on their children they will obey and become committed children and responsible adults. They understand that much greater than exercising authority over the child is the understanding of what is right and what is wrong and the formation of character through assertive principles.

3. Attention
They spend more time with their children when they go to the nursery or school and enjoy a good conversation on the way, talking while preparing meals or cleaning the kitchen together or helping with a school job.

Parents today are much more participative and know much more about their children’s lives and this brings more safety to children and adolescents.

4. OpportunityThe ease the new generation has with technology is astonishing to parents as well as to mothers. They provide the opportunity for their children to learn from them about techniques, applications, gadgets and novelties that they are unaware of as new games and games.

They are teachable because they know that learning from children is not a shame, but an unparalleled opportunity for them to grow, helping their child build self-confidence and realizing that they can help people with their intelligence and talents, even if they are older. This interaction generates more love and complicity between the two.

The bond between parents and children becomes very strong with the presence of the father in the life of the little ones, and this is something very positive for the whole family.

Parents discover that the feeling of failure as a parent does not stay when they change diapers, make food or play with their children.


This privilege is not exclusive to mothers and to children it will be of immense value to grow with both father and mother providing such precious things in their lives.

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