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4 PRIVACY rules that happy couples practice

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4 PRIVACY rules that happy couples practice
Loving does not mean suffocating your spouse, spying on, or totally and completely disrespecting the individuality of the other human being. The fact that two people are married does not end with the individuality that was already there before marriage.

Acquiring a privacy in marriage does not mean you have the right to keep secrets, flirt with others, offend and denigrate your spouse through messages, conversations or other forms.

These 4 tips below may help you who wish to have your privacy even after you are married:
Read this article along with your spouse and define, if they have not yet defined, the limits and rules of privacy in your relationship.

1. Individuality and space to breathe alone
The self, the ego, the personality of the person you married was there before, long before you arrived. Will this personality be adapted? Yes, of course, of course, but the choices and adaptations still remain individual as well.

Men need more space, women usually need more conversations, each has its own need, but keeping the space, the spouse’s freedom to perform tasks alone is very important in a happy marriage.

2. Define Friends
According to psychologist Marina Vasconcelos, friendships are personal choices or some randomly acquired and can have extremely beneficial social effects, and even more, can improve their health and marriage.

Your best friend can and is good to be your spouse, but that does not mean that you can not share your pains, achievements, and doubts with others.

Your husband’s friends can be your friends or not, the most important thing is that we always have respect for each other, whether you are together or separated in a soccer game with friends.

3. Understand the hobbies
Some people have common, simple hobbies that do not disturb relationships at all, others may want to do strange, dangerous, adventurous things. But the taste is taste, and this is part of the personality acquired by the human being and needs to be respected.

No one needs to do everything together and stick together just because he got married.

4. Social network privacy
When we refer to Facebook passwords, cell phones, and more, we touch some wounds from some marriages, do not we? If this is your case, then let’s talk about it:

When your spouse gave you access to your Facebook password, what did you do with that privilege?

When your spouse gave you access to the bank account and card account, how did you behave?

When you look at your spouse’s cell phone, what is your reaction ever? What do you comment?

Many times we lose some privileges granted in marriage, as well as a teenager who is punished for lying to his parents. This happens because we did not know how to use the privilege that was granted to us, we “take for granted” with our spouse, we move where we should not, we spend what we did not need, we offended, etc.

This regalia is taken away from us, but we can reconcile ourselves, we must first acquire common sense and realize that the trust our spouse needs to feel in us must be greater than this fear we have, and it is only up to you to acquire!

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