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4 Questions To Ask Him Before You Have A Child For Him

by Family Center

4 Questions To Ask Him Before You Have A Child For Him.
True love is highly durable. He recognizes and accepts the imperfections of the other person without loss of love.

It supports the pressures and challenges to the relationship. It is not weakened by physical separation and resists problems without permanent damage.

1. Do you want to be a parent?
This is a fundamental question when scheduling to have a child of your partner, no matter how much love you have for him or what he shows for you, it will not be enough if your goals are different. It is better for you to hear a “no” than to create, not only, frustrated expectations, but also, a child and alone.

2. Do we have the financial resources to provide the best for a child?
The best that a father and a mother can offer their children is love at home, but it is also important that this child has a good diet, good schooling, that is, he needs to grow up in a family where his needs can be met, And it is up to the parents to provide for the love, respect, education, and sustenance of this child.

3. Are we good as a couple to have a child?
It is unfortunate when a mother brings a child into the world to try to save her marriage, because this only tends to worsen and bring more suffering to this family, especially to the child who has to pay for the parents’ lack of responsibility.

Children represent the strongest ties that unite parents, yet it must be remembered that if other bonds were broken like that of respect and loyalty, it would be difficult for this bond to last for long.

4. Are we mature to raise a child?
Of course, son does not come with instruction manual, so we are never prepared enough to have them, however, it is essential that parents have maturity to bring a child to the world, as children need parents present in their lives and not Absent parents.

So it is necessary for you and your partner to get out of the “mother’s bar” and assume the role of parents.

Parents must be mature to correct and firm to know how to say “no” when they need to, because a child is the reflection of parents, this has never changed, but few parents understand.

5. Are we ready to sacrifice ourselves?
Parents need to make fair sacrifices all the time for the children, and if a man is not ready to do it, he should not become a father.

No father can escape his duty and responsibility, this is a sacred role and every man who neglects the family will have to be accountable to God.

6. Do you love me enough to have a child?
Children need to be born in homes where parents love each other so that they too are loved and learn to love, because it is very sad when a child is born in a home where there are parents who do not care and do not utter sweet words among themselves.

Love is a feeling that needs to be sprouted in the child’s heart, it is only born when surrounded by people who demonstrate how beautiful and good it is. He sows in childhood for the harvest to be made in the adult life of this child.

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