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4 Routines You Should Stop in Your Marriage

by Adenike Akindude
4 Routines You Should Stop in Your Marriage.dailyfamily.ng

4 Routines You Should Stop in Your Marriage

Marriage, if not fueled regularly, can become boring for both partners and if this is not addressed in time, the possibility of creating a huge space is very high.

4 Routines You Should Stop in Your Marriage.dailyfamily.ng

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According to the dictionary, a routine is a usual or fixed way of doing things, a repeated daily procedure, similar things used in performance.

Some routines are actually good and should be done repeatedly in marriage but marriage will become boring when everything about it becomes a routine.

The most important reason to avoid routine in your marriage is that it makes your marriage dry and uninteresting, you need to add spice to your marriage by doing some activities differently once in a while.

Areas, where you need to stop routine in your marriage, are:

· Communication: you need to refuel the fire of the way you communicate with your spouse. Sometimes, make calls unexpectedly, send some romantic text messages or do something out of the norm.

· Sex: this area demands speciality as it helps the intimacy in your marriage to become stronger. Do something new in your bedroom and around the house, just have fun with your spouse, it helps. You can also choose to have sex at a time of the day you have never used before.

· Holidays: how you enjoy holidays with your spouse should not always be a routine, do something different and interesting when you are spending the next holiday with your spouse.

· Food: sometimes as a woman, you can learn how to prepare different dishes and give your husband a different delicacy from what he is used to.

Marriage is hard work and requires adding some spice to it once in a while before space is created between the husband and wife.

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