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4 serious diseases that can be transmitted through kissing

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4 serious diseases that can be transmitted through kissing
Something as beautiful and romantic as kissing, when trivialized, can have serious consequences for health! Learn about some serious diseases that can be contracted by saliva:

1. Herpes
More common than imagined, 90% of the world’s population has the herpes virus, but only 10% of it can not create immunity. Without cure, the disease can be treated and controlled. It is a very contagious infectious disease, usually benign, caused by two viruses: type 1 is commonly known as cold sores and type 2, as genital, both are called herpes simplex.

There are at least six other types of viruses that are also called herpes, but they have different symptoms and treatments. Although herpes usually manifests on the lips or in the genital region, in some cases it can occur in the nose, eyes, cheek, buttocks and thigh.
Transmission occurs when a person with herpes manifested slopes on the skin of another – be it the herpes or genital herpes. Seek your dermatologist if you have sensitive blisters, itching, Burning or redness.

Two types of herpes are transmitted by the kiss:

Herpes simplex
Also known as herpes or Type 1 herpes. It is manifested by small sore sores (a cluster of small blisters with fluid inside) around or inside the mouth.

Genital herpes
Depending on the person’s sexual habits, this type of Herpes (also called Type 2) can also be transmitted through the kiss. Genital herpes is the most severe form of the disease. Although the lesions are similar to those of herpes 1, it reaches a more extensive area of ​​the skin.

The two forms of the disease are only transmitted in their active phase, that is, when there are lesions (wounds).

2. Mononucleosis
Also known as “kiss disease”, it is the main disease transmitted by this means. It is estimated that 90% of the adult population carries their antibodies, which means that at one point in their life they have had contact with the virus.

The article above provides several important information – including some complications of the disease – and lists other ways in which the disease is transmitted, in addition to kissing, so you can prevent it.

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