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4 signs that it’s just jealousy and not love

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4 signs that it’s just jealousy and not love
Dating for a long time is of great value when seeking the eternal partner because this period is the right time to make intermediate judgments, that is, to evaluate that person’s attitudes to see if he has attributes and characteristics that you want in the Person who will be with you for a lifetime.

We can all have a controlled crisis of jealousy one time or another in life. However, when a person becomes overly jealous, this tends to destroy any kind of relationship because exaggerated jealousy is linked to mistrust, insecurity, and lack of maturity.

Read the 4 signs that it’s just jealousy and not love:
1. Possessive
The possessive person is completely jealous, these feelings are self-destructive and go hand in hand as twin brothers.

Possessiveness is the greatest feature of jealousy, it is responsible for killing dreams, destroying homes and reaping lives, this is the most cowardly feeling anyone can feed.

2. Selfishness
The jealous person has enough selfishness to want not only to control the steps of the partner, but also to absorb all that is good in him, putting his own wants above theirs, killing their goals, and does so simply to satisfy their selfish whims.

Usually, the egoist uses jealousy as an excuse that he can not live without that person, but what he really does is feel pleasure in mastering the partner, as if he were a caged animal.

3. Violence
Violence is another striking feature of the jealous, the sense of ownership and selfishness are so uncontrolled that it hurts, destroys and hurts in the most abusive and cowardly way the one he says he loves.

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A relationship that begins with violence can never build love, for love requires respect as its basis.

Think carefully! If he beats you early in the courtship, try to figure out what he will do in the marriage. Worse than being without it will be you living a life of abuse. Please have more self-esteem.

4. Treason
Generally, an extremely jealous person is usually the first to betray, for a betrayal is an act of cowardice, and this is yet another characteristic of the uncontrolled jealousy.

Excessive jealousy tends to camouflage at the beginning of the relationship, but this does not last long, although it deceives and manipulates, it builds and destroys everything, unlike love that has sufficient capacity to build a good relationship with lasting and permanent qualities.

He deceives those who think that because he loves too much, he can not control his emotions and he makes vexations, sometimes he loses his head and ends up beating the “beloved person”. He does it because he is ill, yes, exaggerated jealousy is a disease and requires the help of qualified professionals.

Remember: No one can choose for you! Whatever your decision, without the help of the qualified professional, it will not change, on the contrary, the tendency is to get worse every time.

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