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4 signs that you went overboard in the fight with your Spouse

by Family Center
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4 signs that you went overboard in the fight with your Spouse
A couple, obviously, is formed by a man and a woman, who are two different people, have different personalities, different habits, different thoughts, however many things they have in common. Therefore, they will often disagree, but the correct thing is to promptly seek a solution to this disagreement, through dialogue and with much humility and wisdom.

However, some couples find it difficult to resolve these impasses and sometimes go beyond all limits. Are you one of these couples? Look at these four signs that show that your double fights have crossed the line:

1. Disrespect
Respect is certainly part of a healthy relationship, and lacking it is something really troubling. Disrespect triggers many other extremely damaging factors in a relationship, such as offenses, threats, assaults – whether physical or moral – slander, defamation, among others.

Do not let your relationship get to that point. Without respect, you do not trust each other, you speak badly, and you do not care about each other’s happiness and well-being.

Just a futile reason for the storm to fall on you, and promptly the rude words come up and you decide to go each to your corner and “finish” the relationship, because they know that after a day or two they will be back because after all, this always happens, always. Be careful, once lost, it is difficult to regain respect.

2. Threats
Soon after a couple loses respect for each other, the threats begin. It’s just a simple misunderstanding that already comes with those famous threats: “I’m leaving!”, “I’m going to ask for a divorce!”, “I’ll tell everyone the things you do!”. In unhealthy relationships, there are even death threats. Be simple or serious threats, do not let that happen.

3. Aggressions
If you have already reached the point of aggression, you have crossed all limits, that is inadmissible. You do not have that right, and the principles of a good relationship totally contradict aggressive attitudes. And no need to wait for injuries, verbal and moral aggressions destroy any relationship.

4. Obsession
Between us, we all feel a bit jealous, do not we? But the truth is that jealousy is not synonymous with love and that feeling leads to something much worse: obsession. If your relationship has reached this point, know that you have crossed the line, but with much effort and humility, there is a way to reverse this situation, do not lose hope.

It is easy to identify if your relationship is obsessive, and this is an interesting behavior because as much as you do not have that personality if your partner has, you end up being influenced and corresponding to the obsession. You have your life controlled, and then you start to match that, because “since he does this to me, I will do it too.”

You want to know where the other is, with whom you are and what you are doing, and that is already a reason for quarrels and exchanges of offenses. You treat each other as property, have no empathy, and understanding is practically zero.

Love runs counter to this. If you love a person, you want to see her happy, free to be herself, want to see her smile, dance, sing and laugh with friends and family. To love is not to want to see the person arrested, it is not to control how it should be and with whom it should be. To love is to advise, to warn and to care, and this has nothing to do with imprisoning.

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