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4 Signs That Your Baby Is Growing Happy And Strong

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4 Signs That Your Baby Is Growing Happy And Strong
Learning to recognize the needs of each child is the greatest challenge for parents. And providing their well-being is a major concern. This is normal because becoming parents requires learning and righteous sacrifices.

Parents “first-time sailors” suffer from each baby’s crying and until they learn that sometimes the baby just wants to nurse again or just wants to sleep, it may take some time. But with such dedication and diligence from these parents, they end up getting the hang of it.

These are the 4 signs that your baby is growing up happy and strong.

1. Baby is gained weight
If your baby is gaining weight, growing and has taken the required amount of milk, even if the feedings are varied, it proves that it is excellent.

Also, note if his diaper changes are 8 to 10 times a day, and even then he is still gaining weight. If the answer is positive, it proves that he is very healthy.

2. The baby calms down when he hears the mother’s voice.
Babies, especially newborns, can not utter words, so they can not tell when they are hungry, when they want to be changed, then their defense and support will be in tears, so they cry a lot.

When a baby can find calm at the sound of his mother’s voice, it proves that he is developing very well emotionally. This is because it was the voice of the mother that he could hear when he was in her womb, so he listens and recognizes its sound.

3. The baby visualizes the things around him
Babies tend to see things in motion. They do so because they are broadening their vision, since at birth they have only 20% of the total viewing capacity 8 to 12 inches apart.

Only when the baby is 2 months old does he begin to see patterns, objects such as the fan running, and everything with bright colors.

4. The baby smiles and makes eye contact
When a baby smiles and makes eye contact, for people this just shows that he is happy and that he is also becoming sociable.

The social behavior of the baby points out that his language is developing, that is, the baby’s speech is being developed. He is very close to start talking, so it is important to observe the sounds that the baby emits for people with their mouth.

Parents need to be aware that between 2 and 4 months of age, the baby begins to connect with their mother and the people around them. This is a form of learning for him as he becomes more aware of the environment in which he is being created. Thus, this baby starts to strive to interact with people. And at 5 months, the baby starts to smile all the time.

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