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4 Success destroying habits everyone must avoid

by O. S David
4 Success destroying habits everyone must avoid

4 Success destroying habits everyone must avoid

-Ojo Oluwasegun

Habits are characters or traits acquired over time. They are either inherited from parents or learned over time. The human body is a little child which always strives to be attuned with the dictates of the body in order to keep it in shape. The body adapts to these habits and once it gets acquainted with them, it becomes almost impossible to break away from.

There are habits we acquire that silently kill us. They also reduce the quality of the original life we are supposed to live here on earth. When these habits are not checked on time, they can lead us to an early grave. Death in the context of this article is not limited to the absence of breathe but also the absence of vision and passion which are the necessary drives for a fulfilled life.

Here are some of the habits that silently kill us without our knowledge.


What do you think you own that is worth being proud of? People who are fond of moving with a chip over their shoulders eventually end up becoming deformed. You have absolutely nothing to be proud of. Pride has succeeded in reducing men to nothing and has sent lots of dreams to the gutters. Many have missed lots of opportunities to become great just because of their pride.

Pride is a ride to the side of failure, reject it. No matter how small or big the person in question is, learn all you can from the person and move on.


This is the major killer of dreams and visions. If you can do it later, you can definitely do it now. What we always fail to understand is that our plans, dreams and visions have an expiry date. Take Bill Gates for example. Have you ever wondered what would have happened if he had delayed in pursuing his vision when he did?

There is no abomination greater than doing something out of fashion and style, presenting services and commodities that are no longer needed. The stupidest act of man is to do the right thing at the wrong time. Today is the day to do it because it may go out of style if you hesitate and let procrastination get a better part of you.

Tomorrow’s market may not need the dreams and visions of today. Never let procrastination take hold of your life, if you can do it later, you can do it now.


Addiction is gradually taking over the whole world. The number of people with addiction cases increases with the break of each day. It is now believed that 4 out of every ten people are battling with an addiction. People are now addicted to phones, books, the internet, sex, drugs, food and the list is endless.

Addiction is a form of slavery. It enslaves the addict and unless freed, the addict who is now a slave continues to remain under the shackles or his/her desires and dances to the tunes dictated by these addictions.

Addictions lead to loss of quality time and visions. Give addictions a break and invest that time into your life.


As humans we cannot do without food. We eat to live and not the other way round. Excessive eating of junks has been the major cause of cancer and other diet related health complications. To live a healthy life, we need to watch what goes into our mouth all in the name of food. Everything is permissible by the body but not all things are profitable.

Why should we live a life of mediocre when we can live a perfect life? Watch your life and live right.

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