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4 text messages that a man sends only when he is interested

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4 text messages that a man sends only when he is interested

These are the 4 text messages that a man sends only when he is interested:

1. I missed you
Believe me, a man will only send this message if he really misses and wishes to be with you again, because when it does not roll, no matter how “sweet” you are, he will jump out.

However, it may be that he does not send a message, you should not be sad, try to learn from it, try to make a difference in people’s lives. Make a man miss you because you are special, so take heart and do not beg for love.

2. You do not leave my thoughts
When the man was very involved, he will make a point of saying how much he thinks of you, because he will want you to say the same.

Now if you are not in his thoughts it is because he did not impact, sometimes these impacts do not need to come from the “red dress” of course it helps, because the red attracts, but, what really causes more than the attractive impact is He who touches the heart, the mind does not forget, it is connected to the character.

3. Let’s see “today” or “Saturday”
If he wants to go out with you it’s because he’s interested now, if he’s ever gone out with you and wants to see her again then you really can party because he’s interested in you for sure.

So you were very happy and you were disappointed because he did not respond to the messages and did not want to go out with you, do not insist and never beg for attention, let him go, you will have many encounters ahead of you.

4. You are very important to me
If he said that you are very important to him then you should be, feel privileged and enjoy every moment, however, it is important to remember that this needs to be reciprocated by both parties and nurtured so that it grows and flourishes in life of the couple.

Now, if no man has yet told you how important you are to him, do not grieve. Learn to be self-reliant emotionally, and learn to be important to yourself, and only then will people realize how valuable you are.

Who does not want to be important to someone? We all want to be important because we want to feel and be loved, but for this to be possible, it is important to have self-love.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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