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4 things husbands usually forget

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4 things husbands usually forget
Couples may be different in many things, but one thing is common among most of them, the oblivion of many husbands.

They are accused by their wives of constantly forgetting the same things, so much that they end up becoming mockery in their own family.

Some of their forgetfulness, sometimes, are causes of misunderstandings between the couple, especially in the beginning of the relationship when there is a great expectation that everything is perfect. Over the years, they both learn to deal with the problem differently and even create different solutions to make it easier.

1. Commemorative dates

This may be, among all, the worst of a husband’s forgetfulness. They usually forget the day they celebrate their wedding anniversary, causing their wives a very great sadness, since for women the dates are usually remembered long in advance and very important.

Sometimes they end up forgetting their wife and children’s birthday, even when asked randomly, and this can lead to serious problems, especially if the wife does not know how to deal with the situation.

2. Telephone number

Cell phone agendas work a bit so that phone numbers are no longer recorded in our memory as they used to be, but the phone numbers of people in our family, with whom we are always in touch, such as our spouse.

For example, It is almost impossible not to record. Even so, some husbands simply can not decorate it. What would they be if it were not the agenda of a cell phone?

3. Shopping List

You can even ask him several times in the morning for the six items he needs to bring from the supermarket, he can repeat all of them very well and when he arrives from the store, shortly afterwards, some item will be missing.

Do not be angry, the best thing to do is actually a handwritten shopping list, and without folding it, so as not to risk forgetting to look at the back of the paper.

4. Keys

Small objects are the easiest to forget, especially when not placed in the usual place. When leaving home is so much to pick up and remember that sometimes a key ends up being left behind.

The modern world has much to contribute with all this forgetfulness. There is so much to remember, so much to do that some simple things are left out.

The best thing to do is arrange a way to make it easier, remind you before the wedding anniversary is coming, the children’s party, and why not make the shopping list on paper? And so letting life be light, after all, there are too many things to make it complicated.

So when next your husband forgets some or one of the above mentioned items, then please don’t blame him. Just accept him for that and move on. Help him not to feel worthless.

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