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4 Things You Should Never Do With Someone With Seizure

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Things You Should Never Do With Someone With Seizure

4 Things You Should Never Do With Someone With Seizure
Seizure can be attributed to been epileptic. If a friend or an individual you know regularly has such, then what can you do about it? The following thing are what you should never do no matter the circumstances.

1. Do not despair
When it comes to health, a health professional knows what to do because he or she has mastery over the subject and knows exactly what needs to be done. However, with all the media, many basic things can be learned, and this information can help us to stay stable and balanced in the face of many difficult situations. Even if we do not have a medical specialist degree, we still need to be strong and quiet when it comes to health.

Calmness is fundamental in moments of despair, both for those who experience a difficult situation and for those who suffer from the action.

2. Throwing water on the person’s face
Never throw water on a person’s face. The best thing to do when the individual is having a seizure is to lay him on his side or put his head on his side, so it is possible that excess saliva and vomiting will flow out of the mouth and he will not run Risk of suffocating with their own saliva or with vomiting.Things You Should Never Do With Someone With Seizure

3. Do not put your hand in the person’s mouth
The tongue is among the strongest muscles in the human body. It is composed of muscles and, because it is so strong, there is no danger of causing choking or being swallowed. Normally, when you have a seizure, it simply hardens like any other muscle in the human body, so there is no need to put your hand in a person’s mouth when they are having a seizure. It is important to note that if you do, you run the risk of being bitten, since the person is unconscious.


4. Do not impede movements
The best way to help until relief arrives is to keep the person having seizures in a safe place. If possible, place a pillow or coat that is soft to protect her head.

Avoid abruptly dropping it and bumping your head. It is also important to fend off objects that could hurt you when you are struggling.

Remember: Although the seizure can scare many people, it is not transmissible, so all help and help is welcome and can be offered to these victims.

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