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4 things the cheating husband must hear

by Family Center

4 things the cheating husband must hear
Many are the motives (excuses) that people present to betray. They may even be real, but it is good that men – and women too, keep in mind that betrayal is not the fault of anyone but the traitor himself.

It was his choice and his alone. It’s not because he has no sex at home, or does not have a good wife, that he is allowed to betray. Neither is it the fault of the woman who insinuates herself to him, after all it is he – and not she – who is inside the marriage and promised fidelity in the altar.

When a man truly loves his wife, he may even betray, since no one is perfect and we are all subject to errors, but he will never blame it.

There is much that a man who betrays (and women too) must hear. Both before and during the case and even after. So if you are wanting to betray, you are betraying or betrayed, here are some truths you need to know:

1. When a man betrays he causes serious pain
When a husband betrays, he is looking for something that his wife does not have. Whatever it is, she’ll remember that for the rest of her life. Your self-esteem will be severely shaken and she will feel that she is not good enough.

She will lose any stimulus to dress up or look better, since in her head “no use”. Her family will also remember. Great friendships can be lost. She may even forgive him, but her family does not.

2. There is no happiness in betrayal
As stated in item 1, she may even forgive you if you want to save the marriage, but trust has been broken. It may even be patched, but the patches will be there remembering that it has already been broken once. It will never be the same again.

For a moment (or several) of emotion and pleasure you broke something that should remain untouched in marriage: trust. From then on any hint will give rise to memories and mistrust will return. It will be virtually impossible to have privacy.

Passwords and social networks will have to be opened, she will want to know about each step of yours, call your work, read your correspondence (mainly credit card statement), emails, whatsapp, etc. And here for us, you deserve it!

3. It is a risk
Not just for health, since STDs even exist, but also for their image, position and tranquility. A woman who stays with you knowing that you are married, most often does not mind doing the same with another. Which puts you at risk of contracting any disease.

Also, if you undo your marriage to be with her, know that if she does not mind being married to a married man, she will not mind, once married, to have another. Also, if the case goes public it can affect your family, your job, your reputation. The woman you betray can become pregnant on purpose (or not), which will lead to a permanent bond with her.

Many men have already been ruined by scandals or financial hardship caused by a demanding lover. And, going to extremes, you do not know the person you betrayed well and can be someone mentally unbalanced and start creating problems for you (stalker) or your family if you let them.

4. Your marriage may end
Even if you repent, let the other, promise never to do, do everything possible to be forgiven, your wife may not forgive you and your marriage will end. A betraying husband may not understand the full extent of how his infidelity has traumatized his wife, so if you love your wife do not even think of betraying. If the neighbor’s grass looks greener, take care of yours to make it green and attractive too. If there are difficult problems in marriage, get help.

A couples therapist, a religious counselor, an experienced relative who has a good marriage can help.

If all your efforts are in vain, then live with reality or separate and find someone who can make you happy, not betray you.

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