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4 Things You Need to Let go of, If You Must Remain Productive

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4 Things You Need to Let go of, If You Must Remain Productive!

1- Physical junk – Anything that no longer has value for you. Old gadgets, toys, clothes that no longer fit you/ugly, worn out shoes, notebooks that aren’t worthy of archiving etc. Anything that you haven’t used in a while is probably useless junk.

2- Spiritual junk – Limiting beliefs, toxic beliefs, painful memories, grudges, and hatred. Basically, anything that is mentally holding you back should go away. Keep your past in your past.


3- Unproductive friends – If your friends aren’t winners, they are losers. Loser friends don’t provide any value, besides cheap entertainment. Most are afraid to leave their shitty friends behind because it means they will stay alone.

4- Abusive/Toxic Relationships

Are you still afraid to break up with your abusive fiancée?

Are you still in touch with your ex? Do you live in an abusive house with toxic family members? Leave them be, go on your own way

Staying alone is a preferable alternative to toxic friends, I guarantee that. What’s better to have? 0 or -100 million Naira? Maybe you think “First I’ll find winners, and then I’ll dump those losers away!” WRONG. If your friends are losers, you are too, no winner will want you.



Leave your anchors behind and move forward! I’m speaking from experience. Befriend only those who motivate you to become a better person and will be there for you in times of need. Those are rare, don’t expect to have many.


How to find winner friends? Become a winner yourself and they will get into your life, that’s the order of things and the natural flow. You attract what you are, remember that concept.


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