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4 things you should not talk about early in the wedding

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4 things you should not talk about early in the wedding
The fun fair of getting married fills the whole environment with a lot of happy and good memories. After marriage, it is time to face the realities. In facing realities, it is possible for several issues to result from so many unwanted events that surrounds the both of you. What are some things you are expected to say, and some you are not?

1. I was better before
It is probably a phrase full of truths and reflections, but it should be avoided under any circumstances. It can be stored in the heart of the disappointed spouse and evaluated again after a longer time together. Upon hearing the spouse express the sincerity of this phrase, a very negative feeling invades him, he feels powerless and despised, the worst person in the world.

Most likely he is feeling the same thing and often thinks that his life before marriage was much better. Each one needs to be prepared for the challenges of marriage, because starting a new life next to a person who does not have the same habits and routines is difficult always.

Taking care of the house, working, leaving so often contrast very much with life in the parents’ home, where the worry was almost nil and the fun much greater.

2. “Well, my parents warned me”
Parents have a vision of at least two decades more and see many things that their children, even more because they are in love, can not. But if the advice was not heard before the marriage, sharing these things with the spouse will not change anything. A wise counsel dictates, “Before you marry, open your eyes wide, then close it a little.” Sharing with the spouse the discontent of parents even before marriage will only create fears and enmities.


3. “You did not look so fat before marriage”
This Phrase is said with the best of intentions, but regarding the physique of the spouse, this should be avoided to the maximum. This can cause a deep shock in the self-esteem of others. Worse still when revived, which resembles a very wise saying: “Whoever speaks what he wants, hears what he does not want.”

Bodily changes are very common over time in both male and females, either you are getting married or not. It is necessary to accept both the personal and the external form. If the concern is with the health and well-being of the spouse, a much more effective tactic can be performed which is the first step, i.e the spouse who has this thought about the other initiates a food change, the practice of Exercises and other relevant issues. It is important to remember that this phrase need not be said, that is,

4. I think you should change jobs
Each person performs what is within their means. Of course there is always room for improvement and professional growth, but interfering with the choice of spouse does not sound right. If the bills are not being paid, other forms of income can be sought, savings in the home and plan for the future can also be agreed between the couple. Listening to what the spouse has to say about their professional dreams can alleviate the worry of earning little for ever. Respecting your choices is very important.

Well, when you are ready to build to up the family, then you should be willing to make some needed changes and talk in a way worthy of imitation.

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