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4 Tips To Avoid Exaggerated Eating on Weekends

by Family Center

Recently I received a call from my sister, she was very happy because she had lost 5 kg during the week after starting a diet. Unfortunately, she had neglected herself a lot during pregnancy and overweight, it moved her emotional, it took a lot of effort to remind her who she really was and that she needed to be healthy again to feel happy.

My sister’s biggest challenge was keeping her diet on weekends. For this, to work she had to learn to have diet discipline. Now she is aware of what she should or should not eat during the week and especially on the weekends.

According to research, these are the 4 tips to avoid overeating at the weekend:

1. Breakfast
Eat brown bread and lots of fruit. You can also take yoghurts, natural juices, and cereals in the morning meal.

2. Lunch or Dinner
Usually, the weekends at the home of friends and family are usually accompanied by a barbecue. This tends to eliminate all the effort of the week in maintaining the good form through the feeding.

Do not worry! You do not have to miss going to such events, especially because being among these people is what will make you happier.

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However, you need to get prepared, that is, eat a salad or fruit before leaving the house, this may decrease your appetite, so you will consume the meat without exaggeration.

3. Hamburgers and Pizzas
Sometimes it becomes tiring to have to cook every day, because when Friday comes, many say, “I will not cook this weekend”. And every effort to maintain a good diet disappears when the family opts for burgers or pizzas.

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When it comes to eliminating obesity every sacrifice needs to be made. These sacrifices can not come only from the obese person, but from the whole family to support it.

Tip: If there are no obesity problems in the family, of course, members of this family can eat the delicious pizzas or hamburgers, however, you need to remember to do it wisely. Nothing extrapolate and repeat these habits every weekend.

4. Do not eat out of time
The weekend is the best time to enjoy eating out of time, it’s always a chocolate here, a cracker there and when we realize it’s already too late, every diet went downhill with these minor oversights. Unfortunately, they are causing great damage.

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Choose to feed yourself well, feed on grilled chicken or a fish, brown rice. Replace sweets with fruits, white cheese and nuts, this tends to fill the craving to eat, because most eat more due to anxiety than by will and accuracy.

The functional diet will always require a lot of discipline. It may be difficult to accept difficult assignments, such as avoiding chocolate, high-calorie foods, crackers, salty snacks.

But if you follow it you will be blessed with health, for health is among our greatest and most valuable treasures. That’s why we need to make righteous sacrifices to keep it.

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