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4 Toxins In Marriage

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4 Toxins In Marriage
The word toxin is defined as a substance that when ingested tends to cause serious illnesses and even death. The toxins are of animal and plant origin and are also poisonous. But when we think of toxin, we do not think of it as a word, but rather as a substance that causes great ills to our health, such as nicotine and alcohol.

So when we think of toxins in marriage, we can think of them as substances as well, which produce ills and sometimes tend to be irreparable within the relationship. However, it is possible to avoid them or even cure the relationship if it is not extremely contaminated.

Observe what the toxins in the relationship are and seek with your spouse to detoxify them.

1. Lying
Lying is a powerful toxin, it leads to emotional, physical and mental discontent because when it enters couples’ lives, it simply pollutes respect, blocks all good communication, and tends to eliminate love in the home.

A spouse who has the ability to control his words and who chooses the truth as part of his character, even at unfavorable times, will always be a loyal partner because he has power over his emotions and appetites.

2. Jealousy
Trust is the antonym of jealousy because in it lives freedom, partnership, especially love; Already in jealousy inhabit the prison, the lack of love, the coldness and the violence.

Jealousy is so toxic that it leads partners to commit ominous acts that become inexplicable and even unforgivable to our human eyes.

3. Fear
Couples need respect for each other, not fear. If a partner imposes fear on his partner to keep her by his side, he does not know the true value of marriage, because this sacred covenant is based on respect and as a structure of love.

A home should never open the windows and doors for the toxin of fear to enter, for of all the toxins in relationships, fear tends to become the cruelest and damnable. He imprisons, torture and then renders the soul of his victims, some even survive, but their sequels are irreparable.

4. Procrastination
Procrastination is the most time-consuming toxin. Due to her slowness, she takes many marriages to death, because she, in her utter slowness, causes the fatigue of work, the faults of the spouse, differences of opinion are the toxic drops to stop doing the things that needed to be Made. These drops also avoid saying the things that would really add more value and love in the home.

Many spouses procrastinate their responsibilities, become careless with their family. Some simply cancel their family vacations, let slip the most beautiful and rare moments with their children at the fullest age that is childhood. They also ignore their partners, do not seek to date, just have sex and finally do not listen to their spouses.

Then one day they wake up and realize they had the most precious possessions in life and wasted them with the things that mattered the least.

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