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4 Ways To Fight Asthma at Home

by Family Center
4 Ways To Fight Asthma at Home

4 Ways To Fight Asthma at Home
One of the most constant and frequent type of disease common in the world over is Asthma. It is has become an enemy to little kids and also growing days. What can be done to fight asthma in the home?

1. Get rid of dust.
Dust is the leading course of asthma in several homes. Several homes use rugs and other absorbing materials that absorb dusts. So, try to vacuum your home regularly so that the dust can be reduced.

If you use a tile or carpet, then you should use a nose mask before cleaning the tiles daily to remove any dust available.

2. Use Air-conditioning

Air-conditioning filters the air out so that dust will not reside in the home. It can vacuum out the smoke and other residual dust.

But during the cold seasons, it will be important for you to reduce the cold as that can be very hazardous to you. Make sure that proper ventilation is carried out and the room as the right temperature.

3. Be careful of windows
When the windows are opened, then you will be bringing more pollen’s and allergies into the home. So, rely on the the use of your AC and then you will reduce the allergies.

The nights may get colder, and the opened windows may cause some reactions to the body.

4. Reduce smoke
When smokes are reduced in the home, then the shocking that occurs will not be there for your asthma. If you have family members that smoke, then keep a good distance from them in order to stay healthy

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If you also burn coals and use the stove at home, then it will be advisable to do that at places whereby the asthma patient is not found, or far away from home.

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