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4 Ways To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship

by Family Center

4 Ways To Get Out Of An Abusive Relationship
A relationship must be built with fellowship and equality between man and woman. The journey to be made in life for two is long and full of obstacles, but when you have a partnership, it is possible to be overcome, for both will walk side by side with respect, kindness and love. As such, there will be no room for abuse, feelings of superiority or even envy among partners.

1. Seek help
The first thing the abuser will make you think is that it’s okay with you and that tomorrow she will be a better person. The abuser will also say that you do not need the help of others and that love can overcome the violence or the clumsy words he uses daily against you.

Love overcomes sadness, difficulties and differences, however, love is based on respect, and thus acts of brutality go against all that true love represents.

Leave a person who hurts you always

2. Be patient
Sometimes the suffering has been so great that you only want to see yourself away from this person, but you need patience and care, as abusive people are also manipulative. In order for your partner to understand that the relationship is over, leave it clearly and cautiously and never be alone with him. Maybe this will make him realize that you have made your choice, but you do not have to be enemies. Of course, friends can not be, however, it is possible to be people who respect each other and wish the best for each other.

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3. Take care of yourself
The abusive relationship tends to damage and destroy the best of the person suffering from the abuse, so the best thing to do when you have already taken the two steps mentioned above is you start taking care of yourself.

Raise your head, take care of your appearance, meet again or reinvent yourself, but never give up on yourself for nothing or anyone.

4. Be firm in your decision
Usually the abuser tends to be perverse, selfish and toxic. However promising changes in her way of being, she will not be trusted, for she will repeat the same behavior always and her attitudes are predictable, because they do not hide her stingy side, and her anger is uncontrollable.

Unfortunately, by such attitudes, the abusive person tends to destroy everything around him, especially the loved one, because if he does not submit to his selfish whims and wills, he will suffer verbal, psychological and even physical violence.

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