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4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

by Oba Samuel
4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

Our mouth is a vital part of our body; it is a storehouse for the teeth and tongue and a passage for food, taking care of the mouth is really important. Bad breath stems from various factors that include gum problems, digestive problems and improper teeth brushing. 4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

Halitosis affects family relationships and it can result in a certain degree of isolation from friends and families. Nevertheless, here are some easy tips to combating with halitosis. 4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath


Endeavour to pay maximum attention to your gums, particularly the areas where the gums are attached to the teeth. Allow brush bristle to clean teeth thoroughly.

Ensure that you floss your teeth, brush your tongue and use your mouthwash, swishing vigorously. Brush teeth twice daily; you could also opt out for gums and breathe spray.


By drinking a lot of water, you get rid of bacteria in the mouth; bacteria are resident in mouth when it is dry.


Eating breath-freshening foods such as mints, cinnamon and parsley could really be helpful in fighting away bad breath.

EAT ADEQUATELY. 4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

Going without food for too long a time will make your mouth dry and lead to the production of mouth bacteria.

Trying all of the above will help to reduce bad breath, however if there is no improvement, you could opt out for some medical attention.4 Ways To Prevent Bad Breath

 -By Adeola Adeyeye

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