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4 Ways to Change Baby’s Diaper

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4 Ways to Change Baby’s Diaper
Changing diapers of a newborn baby is simpler than a little baby, because it requires the mother to have patience, since they tend to have intense movement and sometimes even cry.

The best way to perform dirty diaper replacement in a calm manner is to synchronize it with the moment the baby is calm. In addition, parents should note if the baby is not willing, for being bothered with something.

In any case, it is important that the diaper change is not left aside because the child will cry or make a tantrum, since the lack of frequent diaper changes can cause uncomfortable diaper rashes.

The ideal is to change the diaper about eight times a day, especially when you notice that the child has pee or poop.

Here are some ways to change the baby’s diaper and make it quiet:

1. Moment of contact and affection
For the baby to feel good during diaper changes, parents should make this a time of contact and affection, making brief massages, talking to the child, kissing, and even gently stretching its little body. When a pleasant climate is created and movements are made that cause good feelings, in addition to relaxing, the child will associate the exchanger with the pleasurable interaction with the mother.

A good tip that parents should be aware of is whether the child can not relax by associating the exchanger with feelings of fear because he was placed in that space when he received a bad medicine or went through an annoying and painful procedure.

2. Playful occasion
Very active babies may not like to change diapers because they have to stop exploring or doing the enjoyable activities they were doing. If this is the case, the diaper change time should adapt to become a playful occasion.

To achieve this, parents should hum, bring toys and make the movements made in the baby’s body during the exchange part of the play, as if it were a dance.

3. Distraction in focus
If the child concentrates easily on things that attract the eye, he or she will probably be annoyed to look at the ceiling while parents change their diapers.

The solution to the case may be, put a mobile on the spot, one parent to play puppets while the other changes the diaper, or even put a movie or TV show that the little one likes at the time of the diaper change.

4. Section with pit stops
Changing diapers does not have to be a procedure that parents try to do as quickly as possible so that the child does not get upset because they want to get up and leave the exchanger.

Parents can let the child stand up throughout the procedure by making small pit stops to play with the baby and resume the procedure between stops.

For the success of the diaper change, in addition to the special attention of the techniques mentioned above, parents should be alert to do the procedure in favorable situations such as after feeding, when the child is calmer, and with the child active and without drowsiness.

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